Shearling and Sheepskin Outerwear Accessories on the Runway and on the Street

Fashion Week in fashion capitals around the world such as Berlin and New York set the stage for what people will buy and will want to wear for the upcoming season. With the Fall Fashion Week in New York City behind us, we are reminded of what the Spring Fashion Week forecasted for this current Fall and Winter season: shearling accessories! We were of course very happy to see shearling on the runway! Not only do we do professional business and travel looks and provide durable outerwear to suit all styles, but we are also a player in this sector of fashion that produces high-quality and luxurious goods.

As reported at InStyle, shearling and sheepskin was seen on the runway in the form of trim on boots and cozy, wooly bags! Sheepskin is becoming more popular with designers and is being used in more non-conventional ways to add unique accents to articles of clothing and accessories.

The Fur Hat

Women`s Brown Aviator Merino Shearling HatThis classic Winter outerwear accessory is even more popular than ever and has really survived the test of time. Thanks to its image revamp, our sheepskin hats can now be worn to match any outfit, such as the popular aviator look,. With a leather outer surface and a fleece inner lining, your head will be kept warm and protected from the elements with natural and biodegradable leather. A shearling trim adds that cozy look to your hat, softening your look. Ear flaps are often avialable so you can adjust the warmth of the sheepskin hat to the temperature outdoors. Sheepskin hats are available for both men and women – men’s hats have a more subtle lining to suit a sleek business style.

The Leather Glove

Leather or sheepskin gloves can be worn with Men`s Sheepskin Top-Stitched Glovespractically any piece of outerwear thanks to the variance in cut and color in which they are available. These natural gloves are lined with a fur trim for a stylish look but are designed to keep your hands toasty warm yet allow for breathability. Our men’s sheepskin gloves offer intricate stitching to suit your needs for work or play. Sheepskin gloves add a classic touch to any jacket or coat and are built to last – with adequate care you will be able to get use of sheepskin gloves for a long time.

The Sheepskin Mittens

Women`s Shearling MittensAnd for an even cozier look, sheepskin mittens for women are in – lined with a fleece trim, they will make your look unique while preventing frostbite. You can enjoy making a fashion statement with no guilt – our mittens are all-natural and are great investments to your wardrobe. As in sheepskin gloves, our sheepskin mittens also are available in various colors and styles to fit the look of your Winter coat and are prized for their durability and breathability.

Our sheepskin outerwear accessories also double as great gifts for the holidays – give someone you love quality and warmth! And don’t forget to order well ahead of the holiday season so your gift arrives on time.

Leather Hats – Looking Tough yet Stylish

One of the most essential accessories that one can have is hats as they are very fashionable. Initially, hats were only invented so that people could get protected from the rays of the sun. Then, hats were made waterproof so they could protect the wearer from the rain as well. As the years went on, many more designs and materials were incorporated to make hats more fashionable, and the most popular is the leather hat.

Usually, leather hats are manufactured by using cowhides. Makers of the leather hats would usually use the softest ones they could find so as to obtain the best results. While these hats make someone look sexy and very manly, they are also very practical when used outdoors. The heat coming from the sun is nothing to laugh about as the ozone layer is continually being damaged. As a testament of how useful these hats are, the American Cancer Society is constantly reminding everyone to use the hats when outside particularly between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

When the material used to craft hats is leather, it is a wise decision. Not only are they durable, they are also aesthetically pleasing regardless if it’s made for women or men. The classic black leather hat is still very popular and doesn’t seem to fade out of style. Leather hats can match any style of clothing, including the simple shirt and jeans. Hollywood celebrities even incorporate these hats to further amplify their appeal even though they are just wearing their casuals.

Although there are many hats in the market, none of them will have the quality of leather hats. They have a certain appeal that many people simply adore. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fedora, cowboy or even safari styled, these hats just scream personality and become the ultimate form of headgear. The appeal doesn’t come without a price though; these hats may cost you more than the regular ones but the durability makes up for it. A properly handled leather hat can last for a very, very long time.

With proper care, these hats can still look as good as new. The main thing you need to watch out for is water; should the hat get wet, let it dry naturally as drying it with heat will rob the leather of its oil. If it gets dirty, then you’ll need a damp cloth to wipe it off the surface. For storage, you need to make sure that it is properly contained in a box specially made for hats. If you still need more help, asking a professional for proper treatment is a good decision as well.

Leather Blazer – Looking Good No Matter What

In any form, leather will always look good, and it invokes a great feeling while wearing it. It’s available in a variety of forms like top grain, naked leather, full-grain, and finished split leather etc. Leather blazers and jackets have gained much popularity after they were labeled as the staple attire for the biker community.

The leather blazer comes in many designs that add personality while also adding that suave and slick aura. There are numerous designs in the market right now to make sure they appeal to all the personalities looking to buying their very own leather blazer.

When it first came out, the blazers were usually only brown or black. However, when it was discovered that leather could also take on different colors other than the usual, it was believed that it would further increase its popularity in the future. There are only a handful of people making the leather blazer initially, making it difficult to precisely get that kind of leather you want to wear. But with the Internet, purchasing these slick blazers is as easy as logging in to a website.

Leather blazers and jackets are usually meant for the rugged-styled persona; however, due to the addition of other colors for leather, the future of these items looks very bright. Today, the colors do not only range from the old-fashioned brown or black but these blazers can also come in shades of blue, gray and even green. But as far as fashion goes, the natural color of the leather blazer is ideal for seasons like spring and would look fetching if paired with pinstripe or khaki pants.

The newly discovered flexibility of the leather blazer makes them able to adapt and fuse with any style making them also very versatile to wear. Some wear these blazers over the typical tee and jeans in order to present a casual yet respectable look. Some prefer to wear them over their formal outfits to add to the serious mystique they present. Some even wear them like shirts to give that “cool dude” look.

Though the leather blazer is durable, proper care is still important as you will need to make sure that they last as long as you want them. Water and stains may be the worst enemy of a leather blazer as these soften the leather thus allowing it to tear. Getting your blazer wet is ok as long as the water is dried off as soon as possible. This does not mean that the leather blazer is not water resistant; it’s just that they need special treatment in order to achieve the water repellent feature.

Everything You Need to Know About Shearling Coats

Do you know what a shearling coat is? This article will go over what shearling coats are, how they are made and what materials they are made from.

Let’s start with the most common observation by many: shearling coats are expensive. The price of a coat largely depends on its cut, size and quality, with prices ranging from $500 to ten times that for a high quality and genuine shearling. You may have seen shearling coats priced at $50 but these are not the real thing. They are properly known as faux shearling coats and jackets and have a remarkable resemblance to genuine shearling. Always remember though that you get what you pay for and that’s certainly true with faux shearling. The quality and comfort level simply isn’t the same. If you’re one who likes to shop online, always check the prices. If it’s too low, it’s most likely faux shearling. Another factor you may want to consider when buying shearling is the location it is from.  Spain has bragging rights for making the best shearling, but Argentina is right behind at a close second.

Shearling is basically sheepskin. It’s been around for centuries, used by peoples from Asia and Europe to protect them from the elements. Shearling, at least high quality shearling, is amazingly durable and requires little maintenance to keep its suppleness. Shearling is made by removing the hide of a fully matured sheep. The wool is left intact on the hide, creating what is known as sheepskin. The wool is sheared down to a uniform level, making it soft and nice to the touch. For aesthetics purposes, the wool is bleached to give it a snow white appearance. The hide or skin is then tanned and turned into leather. Depending on the tanning technique used, it can result in very soft leather, which is then dyed to the desired colour. The result is a pelt, which is then cut to be made into a shearling coat.

Shearling coats feature a distinct appearance, with the leather side of the coat on the outside and the wool side on the inside. However, it’s not unheard of for a coat to have the opposite feature. Coats can come in a variety of cuts and sizes, from full length, three-fourths length, hip length and waist length. The larger the coat, the more pelts need to be used, thus making it more expensive. In the case of full length shearling coats, as many as four pelts will be used.

Telling a fake shearling apart from a genuine one shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you’ve touched the real thing before. Make it a point to look at the leather and not the wool, since some faux shearling coats also have real wool on them.

A Guide on Shearling

Ever wondered to yourself why a shearling jacket fetches such a high price? This article will explain what you get when you buy a shearling and why it’s worth its weight in gold—at least the genuine ones anyway.

In order for you to really know what shearling jackets are, it’s best to look at how they are made and what they are made from. Shearling has the appearance of a leather jacket with wool attached to it, which leads to the prevalent belief that the wool is stitched to the leather fabric. This is not the case with genuine shearling. Genuine shearling jackets have real wool and are made from high-quality tanned leather—at least for the expensive types.

The Process of Making Shearling

Shearling jackets and coats are made by a process passed down through generations. Shearling is made by taking the hide of a fully grown sheep, taking care not to remove the wool from the hide. Yes, it starts out as sheepskin, which is then tanned and worked on until it reaches a desired suppleness. The wool is then sheared to reach an even thickness. After shearing, the wool is bleached for a clean white effect as its original colour is a mix of dirty white and gray.

Finishing Up

The hide, now leather, is now dyed to the preferred colour. Additional treatments make it even softer for a more comfortable fit and added flexibility. Shearling jackets stand out because the wool is on the inside of the jacket and the leather is outside. The number of pelts used on a single jacket varies and will largely depend on the size. In fact, a long jacket can take up to 4 pelts to make. Shearling jackets and coats actually have the same manufacturing process as sheepskin pieces. It’s just that most sheepskin pieces have the wool on the outside instead of inside.

Recognizing Fakes

Like everything else these days, there is fake and genuine shearling. Fakes account for the surprisingly wide difference of high quality shearlings, ordinary shearlings and the faux shearlings. If a jacket or coat comes with the label “Sherpa,” this means it has lining made of Sherpa, which is a synthetic material designed to imitate the appearance and texture of wool. Some types of jean jackets feature Sherpa linings, while others may feature the actual thing but stitched or glued to the jacket fabric.

The Cost of Genuine Shearling

The cost of shearling jackets varies greatly between high quality ones and those of the average type. Still, even the average coats can be somewhat expensive, with a starting price of over $100. For the high quality shearlings from Spain on other hand, it’s not unheard of for them to come with a $5,000 price tag. Yes, they are expensive, but well worth the price considering their quality, warmth, softness and durability.

A 10 Easy-Step Process for Dyeing Shearling Clothing

If you have a stained or very old shearling garment that you would not appreciate losing and would like to revamp, you should consider dyeing it!

If you decide to give it a try, you should know that Rit Dye is especially good for treating shearling clothes. Next you will find a 10-step process for dyeing any shearling piece, but before that, you have to get:

  •  Rit Dye
  • A measuring cup
  • An enamel pot
  • White vinegar
  • A wooden stick
  • Gentle soap

Once you have all of the above, do the following:

1.   Take a concealed area of the shearling and dye it to test the tone you want. If you want a lighter color, add more water, for a darker tone, add more dye.

2.   Submerge the shearling in warm water ‘till it is completely soaked.

3.   Melt 1 packet of powder¾or half a bottle of liquid¾dye in 2 cups of hot water.

4.   Get the enamel pot and mix the dissolved dye packet in 3 gallons of water. This will work to dye 1 pound of fabric, if you need more, just adjust the amount accordingly. Please note that the dye will permanently stain the pot.

5.   Unwrinkle the garment and immerse it in the dye mix making sure it can move freely.

6.   Five minutes later, add half a cup of white vinegar to the dye mix to make the shearling’s color more even and deep.

7.   Move the piece of clothing around with the wooden stick for 10 to 30 minutes, until you are happy with the tone.

8.   Rinse the piece with warm water and gradually start using colder water until you don’t see any color in it. Do not use hot water, because your garment will shrink.

9.   Wash the shearling with a gentle soap and rinse it with cold water.

10.  Hang the garment to air-dry in the shade. Once dry, the color will look lighter than when wet.

How to Hand-Wash Any Shearling Garment

Shearling garments are very comfortable and durable… that is, if you know how to take good and proper care of them!


This skin has to be cleaned with special cleaners that have no abrasive chemicals that can damage it. In case you do not want to dry-clean your garment, which is the recommended cleaning method, here we show you how to hand-wash shearling to ensure your piece of clothing looks great for a long time:


-       You will need: sheepskin shampoo, room temperature water, a wire wool brush, and a basin or bathtub.


Then… follow these steps:


-       Fill the basin or bathtub with water at room temperature; never use hot water.


-       Add some sheepskin shampoo to the water and mix it well.


-       Submerge the shearling garment in the soapy water. Keep it under water until it is completely soaked.


-       Move the garment around and shake it gently to clean it.


-       Leave the shearling soaking in the water for 10 minutes. Afterward, take it out and remove any excess water.


-       Get rid of the soapy water in the basin or bathtub and fill it again with clean water. Follow the same procedure explained above to rinse the garment thoroughly.


-       Softly, crush with your hands the piece of clothing to eliminate excess water, but never twist it.


-       Lay it flat on a towel or hang it from the bottom to air-dry it fully at room temperature. Never use a dryer or heater to dry it faster. Your shearling garment will need over a day to dry completely.


-       When it is almost dry, only a bit damp, extend it to give it its original shape.


-       Take the brush and stroke the wool only in one direction to uncurl it. You should know that it will not look like it did before; however, your garment will look nicely clean.